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Cotton Love Home is now Susan Sheller Home

Updated: 3 days ago

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ve probably noticed a few changes to our branding…

After 20 years trading as Cotton Love Home we’ve changed our name to Susan Sheller Home. The name change recognises a fundamental change to our business offer. Cotton Love Home was the name of my beautiful interior design store in Woollahra - the reference to ‘cotton’ came from the fringed towels that we became famous for and that I know so many of my clients still own and treasure.


After 20 years working as an interior designer and home interiors retailer I noticed that many of my clients were becoming impatient with the traditional interior design service. Unprepared to wait six months for a sofa or for fabric to be shipped from overseas, they were asking me for ‘instant’ updates to their home interiors. I saw a gap in the market for a design service that enables people to achieve a fast design transformation without going through the time and cost of a full interior design process.


I’m excited to officially launch my new Personal Interiors Shopping service under the Susan Sheller Home brand. A Personal Interiors Shopper is a cross between a professional interior designer and a personal shopper. I will shop together with you, or on your behalf, to help you find the perfect pieces for your home or office, including everything from furniture, décor, lighting, artworks and finishes, all carefully curated to match your personal style and budget.


This is a valuable service for anyone looking to revamp their home or office space. Maybe you have a room in your home that needs an update, or you may have recently downsized and found that your big house furniture doesn’t scale in your apartment. You might be recently single and need the basics for your new space, or maybe you’ve purchased a second home and don’t have time to shop for furniture and homewares. With the help of my Personal Interiors shopping service you can achieve the look you want in a fraction of the time it would take to do it by yourself.


I will also guarantee you that I will save you money! As an interior designer I am eligible for trade discounts in many home interiors stores and showrooms and I pass these discounts on to my clients - this can save you between 10% to 50% of the cost of your new purchases. Read about my Personal Interiors Shopping package here (link to personal shopping page).


In addition to my new Personal Interiors Shopping baby I will continue to offer my interior design services, and I also have a new range of artworks that I’ve created but I’ll save that for a future blog.


Thanks to all the wonderful clients, friends and suppliers who have supported me on my journey, especially those of you who became my sounding boards as I road-tested ideas for my Personal Shopping Service. I hope you love my new branding as much as I do. I must say that it did push me outside my comfort zone a little being the ‘talent’ in a photo shoot. I thought I’d share some of the behind the scenes fun in this post.


Sending love and let’s get shopping!


Susan X


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