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You are now invited to come shopping with Cotton Love -

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Introducing our "Little Black Book" Personal Shopping Days.

If you would like to go on your own Personal Shopping Day – maybe you have a room that needs updating, a coffee table or shelves you want to style..or pieces of furniture you are searching for…this is a cost and time effective way to get the job done!

...And it is fun...

10+ years shopping experience for the CL Store..

How it works:

- It begins with an initial phone call to discuss your requirements.

- I will design a day around your brief.

- I will visit your home for a consult.. and then we will head off for an incredible day of shopping.

The cost:

$1000 for the day (approx 10-4)

What it includes:

-Home Consult.


-Advice on your purchases.

-Access to amazing discounts

-Access to artisans normally the domain of Designers.

-Shop for furniture, lighting, fabric, bedlinen, accessories, art, fabric and more.

-Other special benefits.

Eastern Suburbs Sydney.

How to book:

-To book a shopping trip with me please email -

or call 0402 084 564


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