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Where are they now?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Many customers who used to shop at Cotton Love Home on Edgecliff Road, Woollahra are wondering where they are now?

Well – here’s the scoop….After a wonderful decade trading from the Cotton Love Home Woollahra store, Susan has shifted her sights to even bigger, better, and more exciting ventures. She’s now operating from her Woollahra home studio which allows flexible consult hours for her interior styling projects, and lower overheads resulting in increased value to the client.

After her 11 years of interior retailing, Susan has established solid relationships with many unique suppliers in Australia and internationally, and has access to top tier artisans, old school upholsterers, furniture restorers, painters, electricians, plumbers, kitchen designers and carpenters.


It’s a common misconception that styling a room is as easy as throwing a decorative lampshade or cushion here and a rug or jar there but in actual fact, it takes a keen eye, experience and hours or research to source the finest pieces to suit the look you’re going for and wont cost an arm and a leg. Certain colours create space whereas others fill it, and a sense of ambiance and freshness can be attained from something as simple as a well-chosen plant. Susan and her team, with their combined experience can achieve the Feng Shui serene style and ambience you desire.

Serene and classic pallet – for timeless appeal. Fabrics, rugs, cushions, furniture.

It’s not always about new, new, new either. Existing, repainted, repaired and recovered items can be just as impactful as a new piece. The CLH team are not only stylists, they’re skilled renovators and project managers; this means an eagle eye for opportunity and recycling. Book shelves, lampshades, armchairs and coffee tables are just some of the items they’ve poured a little love into which creates statement accents to a room.

Traditional, quality and well priced painting techniques.
Soft Nude Colour here makes for a serene and subtle feel.
Flooring – installation and custom colouring and finishing

Styling homes for sale is one of Susan and her team’s specialties. Space, light, a warm welcoming ambiance and perhaps some fresh blooms are what you can expect for from this service. Our ethos is to help get you the best price by optimizing buyer appeal through use of space and unique decorative elements ensuring the property stands out from the crowd !! And custom rather than package pricing means a service that is tailored to your needs.

Decluttering, repositioning, adding new and unique pieces have your home presenting at its best for sale
..without it looking too "tricked up"..

Old favourites, of course, our classics are available online here, including the luxury pyjama range and beach towel line. Cotton Love pyjamas have been a favourite amongst our customers for over 9 years. What you may not know is that they are manufactured in India where many significant designer European labels are created. And Cotton Love luxury white fringed beach towels, hand sewn in Australia, continue to be seen slung over the shoulders of the stylish set.

Inspired by the decadent towels provided by Cote d’Azur five-star hotels

These two ranges aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and we will be adding more classics to our site from time to time for you to shop from! Of course we welcome your feedback about our online store – navigation, the range and ease of use – so that we can continue to provide our best personal service. And if you get stuck, just call 0402084564.

Recent photo shoot in Cotton Love Home garden – Susan here with her favourite CL models; Cindy, Christo, Immy and Lou (and photographer – Greg Nagel -behind the camera).

One of the best parts about all of the above? Susan has a, ‘no job too big or too small’ policy. Her amazing team will work tirelessly to fulfil your request whether it be finding the perfect item to sit atop your mantle piece, or styling an entire house.

The professionals within the CLH team have considerable experience renovating entire homes, and are the best trades people in the industry providing superior quality finishes and, the all important on-time delivery.


Each project is individually tailored to the client. Quotes are available upfront, charged by the hour, per item or per project with no minimum spend. It’s just all part of the personal, Susan Sheller CLH service.

Avoid the hassles of DIY’s which is undoubtedly very time consuming and can often result in costly mistakes and mismatched pieces - Susan and her team are here to help you make your dream space become a reality!

xx CL

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